Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar claims that her father in law walked into her room while she was changing her clothes.


Shalini Talwar, who a few days back filed the case against her husband Honey Singh under the protection of women from the domestic violence Act.

Now claims that her father-in-law one day walked into her room while she was changing her clothes and also grazed his hand over her chest. Talwar also mentions that she felt like a “farm..animal being treated cruelly”. She said that she faced a lot of physical, mental, emotional abuse from the singer and his family.

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Shalini added that the singer use to beat her several times in the past few years and she is constantly living under fear as he and his family have threatened her many times. Due to all this mental trauma, she suffered from depression and sought medical help. Shalini Talwar requested the court to order the singer to ask her husband to pay 10 crores as interim compensation for committing domestic violence on her.

Moreover, she sought direction from the court to order Honey Singh to pay a rent of 5 lakh monthly for her accommodation in Delhi so that she can live there all by herself without being dependent on her widowed mother. In the end, she also prayed the court to order the singer not to sell or creating any third person interest in their shared household and from selling her dowry articles.

We hope that this case gets closed soon and that justice may prevail.

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