This black horse has grown up like a son, although the age is less but the price is 21 lakhs

Pushkar mela 2021

After the corona lockdown in Pushkar, the pilgrimage city of Ajmer, the color of the cattle fair has returned again this year. Camels, horses, donkeys are coming from far and wide to sell in the fair. In the midst of all this, the special horse of Haryana is in discussion among all. The cost of this horse has been fixed at Rs 21 lakh. The owner of the horse has said that there is no compromise in the price and not to sell it for less than 21 lakhs.

Actually, the horse owner says that he raises his horses more than his children. The horse he brought to the Pushkar cattle fair is three and a half years old. This black coloured horse has 2 teeth. Its price has been fixed at Rs 21 lakh. He told that he will not sell his horse for less than this amount.


This time one from one horse, camel has reached the Pushkar cattle fair, which is famous all over the world. Although the number of animals is less than before the Corona period.

In this animal fair of Pushkar, along with the purchase and sale of animals, many special events are also held. But due to Corona, this fair was not filled for 2 years and no other event took place. Now on the demand of the animal owners, the Animal Husbandry Department has decided to organize various competitions. This is the reason why there is a lot of enthusiasm among the livestock farmers.

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