How Do Indian Music/Record Companies Make Money?

You have must-see songs with a high budget, high video quality and talented artists are not always hit sometimes these songs lag behind but songs with a low budget get superhit. Now the matter of issue is that how do these superstar singers and companies earn money. And which are the platforms from where these companies get profit. Let’s see how much they get from a song.


There is 3 way to earn money for these companies:

  1. Online Streaming App and you tube.
  2. Radio and TV.
  3. Live Show or Public Concert.

Let’s talk about Online Streaming App and YouTube:

Streaming App contains Wynk Music, Saavan, iTunes and amazon music. In Amazon Music and iTunes music, We have to purchase every song. And some apps provide subscriptions to download music.

Original Quality of songs is available in these apps only as these apps have copyright for particular songs. So, Singers get profit from these streaming apps.

Another option is Youtube. As we all know youtube provide everything for free but ads displayed in the middle of any song are the main source of earning for the company.


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Radio and TV


To show any song on their channel, for that also they have to get copyrights of particular song.

Live Show or Public Concert

In any live concert, They have to buy the copyright of that particular song from the company. And in many live concerts Companies and singers, both get benefits because some singers are bound to companies with an agreement.


These are the ways to earn profit from the songs. Hope so this article will be helpful for you to know these facts. For more such amazing updates keep Following Peddler Media.

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