How incomplete love keeps your success incomplete is shown in Gulzaar’s new song Tere Pyaar

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We have heard many songs in the past, in which an artist after being successful tells his story to the people in his song. Because he does not have his most loved one, then he feels his lack in his success, just like we saw in Punjabi singer ninja’s song Oh Kyu Nahi Jaane Saake

Now let’s talk about our Haryanvi music, a few days ago a Haryanvi song named ‘Tera Pyaar’ came on YouTube of Haryana’s best artist Gulzaar Chhaniwala, this song came on Dec 5, 2021, Gulzar tried something new and as soon as he came to this song ruled the hearts of people

Talking about the story of the song, it has been told that how is the life of an artist. It has been told in the song that even if someone is dying at home, but the artist still has to smile, To live in the life of dazzle, how an artist can not tell his sorrow to anyone if we talk about the lyrics of the song, the song is well written, the hook line of the song is also very good, which will easily come on people’s tongue.


The song’s video has been beautifully directed and edited by Deepesh Goyal, Gulzar and Mahi Gill’s acting has brought four moons to the song, if we talk about camera and light, then a very good level of work is being done in Haryana.

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