How Jats Captured Delhi Under The Rule Of Maharaja Suraj Mal

Haryana, a region of sacrifice, a region of eternal strength and the origin of what the world recognises as the bravest community, Jats, has the oldest and the most decorated history anywhere in the world. The Jats community has always been recognised as a symbol of strength and fearlessness in the world and their history clearly depicts it. A story of how the community captured uncapturable captured Feroz Shah Kotla would remind you of this community’s grandeur again.

Mughals always posed a threat to the kingdom of Bharatpur. Marauders from Afghanistan would first attack Punjab, take control of the region and then go on to loot Delhi. Ahmad Shah Durrani, known popularly as Ahmad Shah Abdali, who is regarded as the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan was a major threat to the people of Hindustan. He became the King of Afghanistan in July 1747 and went on to capture the area of Punjab around Lahore in 1749.

Ahmad Shah Durrani

Abdali invaded India seven times from 1748 to 1767, and the Jats always stood as a wall to defend Delhi. A proverb started becoming prevalent in the area ‘Jaat karge khadi khat’ which means that if you mess with the Jats, they will ruin you.


The Mughal emperor had taken back the domain of Awadh and Allahabad from Safdar Jang, and to avenge his humiliation, Safdar Jang sought help from Maharaja Suraj Mal and Maharaja Surajmal, playing his friendship with Safdar Jang, attacked on Delhi

Maharaja Suraj Mal

Maharaja Suraj Mal fortified the city by building a massive wall around the city. In 1753 Suraj Mal established residence in Bharatpur. Maharaja Suraj Mal attacked Delhi on 9 May 1753. Imad-ul-Mulk was defeated on 10 May 1753 and Delhi was occupied; many people left Delhi and headed for what is now New Delhi. The Mughal army could not protect them. On 13 May Safdar Jang was dismissed as wazir and appointed in his place Intijam, with Imad as Mir Bakshi. On Suraj’s advice, Safdar Jang reacted by appointing Akbar Ādilshāh as emperor. On 14 May the Jats sacked Chārbāg, Bāg-e-kultāt and Hakīm Munīm Bridge, and the next day Jaisinghpura, burning several areas. On 16 May the Jats attacked Delhi and defeated Sādil Khan and Raja Devadatta in a battle. On 17 May, the Jats captured Feroz Shah Kotla. In the fight against the rohillas, Najib Khan was wounded and 400 Rohilla Pathans died.

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