How to reach Pushkar from Ajmer by local transport?

There are many ways to reach your favourite destination from Ajmer to Pushkar.

Pushkar is one of the most visited and the cleanest places in Rajasthan. Every year many tourists come and visit this place

People have been asking about how they can reach Pushkar from Ajmer. The route is quite easy. At first, you have to do is to reach Ajmer Bus stop From there Government buses will be available for Pushkar, you have to check the timings and everything on the bus.

You should also book a hotel in Pushkar because once you reach there you should have a place to live. The experience will be worth it Because you will get to see lots of scenic views which will steal your heart. Many foreign tourists come and visit this Amazing place Pushkar. They get stunned by the beauty of this wonderful and peaceful place. Therefore, it is quite easy to visit Pushkar from Ajmer because the government gives you the facility to travel in the local bus and reach the place within few hours.

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