Vikram Vedha movie

Hrithik had a hard time supporting Aamir Khan, people said – be ready for ‘Vikram Vedha’

Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ has finally been released after a long wait for the fans. However, the film is also facing opposition. The effect of this protest is also visible in the collection of the actor’s films. Meanwhile, many film stars have also supported Aamir’s film.

Supporting the film, Hrithik wrote on his social media account on Saturday, ‘Just saw Laal Singh Chaddha. I felt the heart of this film. Plus and minus aside, it’s a great film. Don’t miss this gem guys! Go! Go now look it up It’s beautiful. Very beautiful.’

After this post of Hrithik, he came under the target of trolls. With this, the talk of boycotting Vikram Vedha also started on Twitter, and on seeing the boycott Vikram Vedha started trending on social media. One user wrote, ‘Why waste money on useless Bollywood remakes when you can watch the original classic film on YouTube for free?

Another wrote, ‘You shouldn’t have done this instead of focusing on your film, you are trying to support others. Now get ready to face the consequences. The next number will be Vikram Vedha. Another user wrote, ‘Don’t worry Duggu Uncle when the entire industry is facing the heat of boycott, how can you and Saif avoid it? Be prepared to face a boycott.

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