Former Chief Minister and INLD supremo Omprakash Chautala said, there is no agreement with the traitors of INLD party

Omprakash Chautala

Former Chief Minister and INLD supremo Omprakash Chautala said that they are traitors of the INLD party and there is no compromise with traitors. The JJP party, built on the basis of lies, has ceased to exist and there is a stampede among the office bearers and workers of JJP, to stop this stampede, such misleading messages are being spread. The wooden handi does not rise again and again, so those who had gone to JJP after getting confused are now returning home.

INLD supremo said that I never compromised on my principles and discipline in personal and political life and never tolerated those who did indiscipline with INLD party, no matter how big a leader or worker he may be.

We always have Jannayak Ch. Have followed the policies of Devi Lal, due to which never did politics to get power. They were greedy for power, they tried to get power. Used the name of Devi Lal and as soon as she got power, her real face came in front of the people. By winning the INLD candidate Abhay Singh Chautala in the Ellenabad by-election, the people have stamped that INLD is the only party that has won the Ch. Devi Lal is following the policies.


The INLD supremo said that people will never forgive such people who, intoxicated with power, hurled sticks at Annadata, who were agitating for their rights, filed sedition cases and made fun of the martyrdom of farmers who were martyred during this period. These people tried to break the INLD under a well thought out conspiracy and took their vote by confusing the people of the state. Against the party against whom votes were taken from the public, in the greed of power, sat in his lap.

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