Jaat review: Khasa Aala Chahar expresses the feeling of birth in a Jaat family

jaat review khasa aala

Khas Ala Chahar is a great Singer and Lyricist associated with the Haryanvi entertainment industry. He is a very talented artist. He has released many songs like Yaar Haryane Te, Mohtarma, Feel, Father Shab, Middle Finger, Rola Choudhar Kai, and Desi. Later he came out with other popular songs like Jazbaati Bnade, Syahi, Gora Rang, Kde Kder, Mucha Aale Tag, Bullet, and many more.

His latest song “Jaat” was released on 27 June. After a long time, Khasa Aala Chahar is making a comeback with this song. Let’s talk a little bit about the song. The lyrics of the song are quite good like his earlier songs. He expresses his sentiments about the Jaat community and this song is like a mirror for those who work for the Jaat society. The song Darshal talks about the legacy and valour of the Jaats. the great people of the Jaat community from Maharaja Surajmal to the Jats of Gokul have been told in the song.


As we all are familiar with the vocals of Khasa Ala Chahar which are too catchy and attractive. There is no competition for his vocals. He has sung this song in a very unique style which justifies the song picturisation brilliantly.

The music of the song is given by Ghanu Music. He has given beats for this song in a unique way. The music of this song is soothing and melodious. The video of the song is directed by Bunty Onetekar. Which has made the storyline of the song very good. Kabir Singh Duhan’s acting in the song gives the song four moons.

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