Kaamkaaj Review: Devender Ahlawat expresses the reality of society

Devender Ahlawat is a great Singer, Rapper and Lyricist associated with the Haryanvi entertainment industry. He is a very talented artist. He has released many songs like Maharaja, Nishana, Hood, Shareefpna, Tabahi Tera Bhai, Duniya Dari, and Jadugarni. Later he came out with other popular songs like Dikhe Teen Teen, Lifeline, Khilona, Bhukamp, Yaar Pyar, Last Option, Guitar, Marji, and many more.

His latest song “Kaamkaaj” was released on 19th October. After a long time, Devender Ahlawat came back with this song. Let’s talk about the song a little bit. The lyrics of the song is quite good like his other songs before. He expresses the reality of society and this song is like a mirror of society nowadays. The daughter-in-law is not happy living in a joint family at her in-laws’ house. Everyone prefers a nuclear family.

As we all are familiar with the vocals of Devender Ahlawat which is too catchy and attractive. There is no competition for his vocals. He has sung this song in a very unique style which justifies the song picturisation brilliantly.


The music of the song is given by Dopevibe. He has given beats in a unique style for this song. The music of this song is soothing and sweet. The video of the song is directed by Nitesh Chaudhary. He recreates the scene of old Haveli with rural vibes and the living style of a joint family. There is only one problem in the video that is Arsh Chhikara has not performed so good. She is quite expressionless in this song. So Guys go and watch this song and give your reviews.

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