Kangana Ranaut apologizes to Azma Fallah

The violent fight between Zeeshan Khan and Azma Fallah in the recent episode of ‘Lock Up’ turned out to be one of the worst battles of the show. No one in the show liked the kind of actions Zeeshan had done with Azma Fallah, after which Zeeshan was shown the way out of the show. Now Kangana Ranaut has once again expressed her reaction to this issue, as well as she has apologized to Azma Fallah.

According to the news of ETimes, in the episode of Judgment Day, Kangana Ranaut supported Azam by taking a dig at Zeeshan. She said, “I can’t get Monday’s episode out of my mind. It has influenced me a lot. Try it, I apologize for this behaviour toward you. Reality shows bring out the essence of humanity and Zeeshan has disappointed a lot. He has anger problems.”

Kangana also took Anjali Arora’s class

Along with this, Kangana Ranaut also reprimanded Anjali Arora for targeting Azma Falah and said, “Anjali, you also targeted Azma, you cried even after getting a slight scratch. You have also tried and damaged the make-up accessories. Don’t you think it could have been important to him? I gave you three warnings, but you ignored all my warnings.”

Kangana further said, “Anjali, you are in revenge mode and always try and vent your frustration, so I punish you with imprisonment.” Apart from all this, Kangana Ranaut praised Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma. He said, “Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma, you tried to help, your responses are great. We are glad that you supported Azma”. ‘Lockup’ streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player. Currently, it is the most-watched digital reality show and now it is moving towards its finale.

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