Kangana Ranaut supports the ‘Agneepath’ scheme and gives an example of compulsory army training in Israel

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has always been very vocal on issues related to the country and politics. Now the Dhakad fame actress has given her opinion on the protests happening across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme. Kangana Ranaut has written about the Agneepath scheme on her Insta story and told how she has kept army training compulsory in all the countries of the world.

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her post, ‘All countries like Israel have made army training compulsory for their youth, every one by giving a few years of their life to the army, they learn the mantras of life like discipline and patriotism, and at the same time. They are able to realize what it means to protect their country by staying on the border.


Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Agneepath is more than making a career, getting employment or earning money.’ Kangana Ranaut has openly supported the central government’s scheme in her Insta story and wrote, ‘In olden times everyone used to go to Gurukul and this is exactly the same thing. Just this time you are getting paid to do that.

Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘A lot of youth getting ruined in drugs and PUBG needs this direction. The government should be commended for taking such decisions. It is known that under the Agneepath scheme, youth will get a chance to serve in the army for only 4 years. After this, 75 per cent of the soldiers will be given compulsory retirement.

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