Karan Aujla Unveils Release Date & Poster Of Two Most Awaited Songs ‘On Top’ & ‘WYTB’

Karan Aujla

Geetan Di Machine also known as Karan Aujla is back with two immense undertakings. Yet again the artist has consistently pleased fans with interesting and staggering tracks and he is good to go to add something very similar to his rundown. Two or three days prior, Aujla uncovered that he has been chipping away at two tunes, which are ‘On Top’ and ‘WYTB’ (What You Talkin Session). Also, presently he has uncovered the banner and delivery date of something similar.

After a huge delay, fans will observer the Punjabi performer’s consecutive two melodies on November 25 which is truly drawing closer. The music of both the bangers has been delivered by, as a matter of fact, Definitely Confirmation.

What’s more, it knows to each Aujla fan that he alongside Definitely Confirmation has consistently concocted promising tunes. In addition, the music recordings of On Top and WYTB have been coordinated by Qarn Mallhi. This noticeable data has been shared through the mystery. What’s more, the secret has made a great deal of buzz among web-based entertainment and his fans too.

Discussing the banner, both the designs of the tunes are engaging. While discussing ‘On Top’ (Utte Dekh), it includes a vivified image of Space explorer who is singing though at the base it shows earth and individuals who are partaking in the melody and taking photos of the space explorer. We trust that Karan Aujla himself grandstand himself as a Space traveler. From the banner, it seems like the tune is about confidence and showing everybody the achievement he snatched till now.


Presently, coming to the banner of WYTB, from the varieties and delineations, it seems as though the tune depends on affection and sentiment. As we see a little image of a young lady and a kid. It will be an incredible treat for the crowd on the off chance that the two melodies depend on various kinds.

In the mean time, the promotion for these two tunes was high to the point that fans have viral on the news all over. They showed their degree of fervor in the remark segment of Karan’s post.

We also are hanging tight for the two bangers from, as a matter of fact, our Geetan Di Machine.

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