Khasa Aala Chahar has recently uploaded a reel. Have you checked?

Khasa Aala Chahar uploaded the reel with KD Desi rockstar. He used background sound in his own song “Jai Veeru”. This reel depicts the real friendship and brotherhood bond. He mentioned “ajkl dikhe apne face”. This line was a very famous line of this song. As we could see in this reel that KD Desi Rockstar and Khasa Aala Chahar are seen on the screen in front. “Yaar Haryana ta” song was on screen in which Khasa Aala Chahar and KD Desi Rockstar appeared together.

And the fun fact of seeing yourself on TV is also different:

This is a very proud feeling for any artist whose song is so popular. As we know Both are popular artists but this song is still shining in the industry. “Yaar Haryana ta” and “Jai Veeru” both songs are both very popular among people. And these songs were also famous in the reels. Every single word of these songs is valuable. These songs have crossed Million views on youtube and are still popular.

Both songs are a great achievement for the whole team and their brotherhood.
Peddler media congratulates the whole cast of the amazing and wonderful songs “Jai Veeru” and “ Yaar Haryane ta” for Millions of views on youtube we really hope that both artists continue to shine in the industry.

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