Khasa ala chahar uploads a killer picture on his page. Wants to know about it , scroll below.

Khasa ala Chahar is a singer who belongs to the Haryanvi music industry. He has been very active on Instagram. His name has always been on people’s lips because of his Humbleness and talented skills.He has 373k+ followers. He has sung many mind-blowing songs like father Saab, loot Liya, jaiveeru and others. Nowadays, he has been posting great pictures which is being loved by his fans.

Few hours ago, Khasa ala Chaha has uploaded a very handsome picture on his Instagram handle. He is wearing a yellow kurta pajma with stunning sunglasses. His picture depicts boldness. He poses with a Gun. The picture is loved by all of his fans. He states in his captions“करके ज़ुबान मने बयान तोड़े ना मने गाड़ी के मह हाड तोड़ने के टूल”.

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