Know some facts about Amit Saini Rohtakiya that you may not & how much he charges for a song.

Amit Saini Rohtakiya is a popular singer from Rohtak, Haryana. He has been singing professionally for over 5 years and has a large following in the region. His songs are mostly urban songs from Haryana, but he has also sung folk and pop songs. He is a very popular live performer and charges a fee for songs. today we talk about how much he charges for the single track.

Amit Saini Rohtakiya is one of the most popular and controversial figures in the world of Haryanvi Music. Here are some facts about him that you may not know.

  • Amit Saini Rohtakia is very fond of music since the fifth class, and due to this, he started writing songs in the school itself.
  • Amit Saini Rohatkiya has learned singing from Sonu Sharma.
  • The name of his first song was Chhoti of Saini Saheb which was written by him and music was also composed by him.
  • He got his initial recognition from the song Alto written by him which was sung by Sharma.
  • He also has a record that Haryanvi is the first singer in the music industry to be included in the YouTube trending list.

Now talk about his fee

At present, Amit Saini Rohatkia charges 1 lakh for recording a 2-3 minute song. Apart from this, if we talk about social media, Amit Saini charges 20 thousand rupees for the work of a social media post. But it depends where you have to post it, if you talk about all social media handles, Amit charges 50 thousand for it, Amit Saini’s live show with his team takes 4-5 lakh rupees. If Amit Saini likes a project or needs someone, then he does it without any charge.

One of our sources told us that Amit Saini is a very humble nature person and he lives more in brotherhood. If new people need work, Amit is the first to come forward to help them.

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