who is Salman Rushdie

Know who is Salman Rushdie, who has been living under the shadow of the death fatwa

There is hardly any person who has a connection with literature and the world who does not know Salman Rushdie. He creates wonderful stories with his pen, but sometimes his impetuosity becomes the subject of controversy. At an event in western New York, he was attacked with a knife on stage itself, due to which he is once again in the news. Let us know about them in detail.

Salman Rushdie was born in Mumbai

Salman Rushdie is of Indian origin. He was born in Mumbai on June 19, 1947, about two months before the country’s independence. His family was originally from Kashmir. His father had become a successful businessman in New Delhi, so the family was in a position to send their 14-year-old son to the British Publish School to study.

British citizenship and studies at King’s College

After this, in 1964, Rushdie took British citizenship and started writing in English instead of his mother tongue Pashto. Rushdie attended King’s College in Cambridge and took a theater course.

Rushdie then began his career as a journalist, actor, and ad text writer. But he did not like the work of the advertising agency much.

British Queen honored with the title ‘Sir’

Salman Rushdie was honored with the title of Sir by the British Queen in 2007. For his service to the literary world, he was awarded the ‘Companion of Honor by Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

Rushdie, the author of Satanic Verse, still has a $4 million bounty. In the past years, the reward amount was increased despite the normalization of relations between Iran and the West. Rushdie has been under the protection of British agents for 12 years. Rushdie left Britain and moved to America as he entered the 21st century. Since 2002 they live without any security. The security personnel are seen with him only when he is at a public event.


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