Lalit Modi opens up about his affair with Sushmita Sen

Lalit Modi affair with Sushmita Sen

For a few days, the love story of Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi has been discussed everywhere. Ever since Lalit Modi announced his relationship with the former Miss Universe in a post, the actress has rubbished the news of marriage. Now recently, former IPL chairman Lalit Modi has openly expressed his stand on this relationship.

Actually, while sharing some pictures from his Instagram account, Lalit Modi has written a long and wide caption in the post. In this caption he wrote, why is the media so obsessed with trolling me, I am apparently being tagged the wrong way, I think we are still living in the middle ages that no two people are friends And then if the chemistry is right and the timing is good…then magic can happen, my advice is to live and let others live’.

Next to this he wrote, write the right news, not like fake news in the style of Donald Trump..and if you don’t know then let me expose all the late love in my life, minal modi was my best friend for 12 years , while she was married, she was not my mother’s friend, these rumors were spread by people with vested interests, it’s time to get out of this small thinking, hope you know the meaning, enjoy when someone be rich’.


Not only this, Lalit Modi wrote a lot further, I keep my head high with you guys..You call me a “fugitive” so you tell me which court has convicted me “ever guilty”, I will not tell you anything …and everyone knows how difficult it is to do business in 12-15 cities of India…and as I said in 2008 IPL it is recession proof, at that time everyone was laughing, who is laughing now..because Everyone knows that I did all this alone’.

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