Mandana Karimi reveals and opens up about her secret affair with an ace director!

Mandana Karimi

Kangana Ranaut’s fearless reality show ‘Lock Upp‘ might be a very tough and brutal game but it does have a place for the soft hearts. The show with the most controversial celebrities does come with a secret, one of which will be revealed tonight on the show by Mandana Karimi which turned the flow of the game on the emotional side.

When asked to reveal her secret, Mandana Karimi disclosed about having a secretive relationship with an ace director.

She said that their relationship become very strong in a few months and he planned to settle down with her but they decided to keep it secret because she was awaiting divorce from her ex.

Mandana Karimi got pregnant with his child and when he got to know about her unplanned pregnancy, he backed off, the reason being, he was not emotionally and mentally prepared to take care of this responsibility.


Meanwhile, he also asked her friend to convince her to plan an abortion. He kept giving multiple reasons and denied taking care of the baby so she had to be strong and go through an abortion.

Mandana shared her deep sorrowed thought about the same, “I didn’t want to give birth to a child when he is not aware about his father”. The Queen further consoled Mandana by saying, “In the city of dreams, life is so much of brutality and survival that no one talks about such incidents”. 

‘Lock Upp’ started streaming live on ALTBalaji & MX Player from 27 Feb, 2022.

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