MC Stan fight with Shiv became so big, which soon turned ugly with the use of filthy language

In today’s Bigg Boss ep.4, MC Stan talks about dragging his leg in front of Sajid Khan and Gori. Shiva said that he would not prank him by going ahead. Mood between the two gets heated due to the attitude. In their Marathi language, both of them speak very harsh words to each other.

Sajid tries to pacify Mahol. Sajid takes Stan aside to pacify him, while Ghori and Abdu try to pacify Shiva. The mc stan has been quiet for a long time today.


On day 5 of big boss 16, the first mc did a good job in the reels, maybe shiva got his revenge by fighting, after the fight mc stan even started crying and with that heated argument settled, it’s day 5 have a wrap

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