MD DESI ROCKSTAR goes on a helicopter ride with his crew.

Haryana’s most popular singer MD DESI ROCKSTAR who has been in the headlines these goes on a helicopter ride with his fellows and crew.

When his fans saw the video, they became very excited. He uploaded a reel on a helicopter, the video was very happening. He showed all the views from above the sky, which looked very surreal. The song behind the video was “desi desi na bolya kar” by Raju Punjabi feat. Vicky Kajla. The video went viral and got 2k likes. He captioned the video as “ Desi to desi he hote hai”. He meant that desiness is in their blood and he is proud to be desi. The statement which he made is surely correct because whatever heights we achieve in life, but should stay grounded always.

Another post which he uploaded on his Instagram page has influenced a lot of people out there. He posted a picture of him getting vaccinated. This is a great message which he wants to give to his audience that Vaccine is a must. We all stand united in fighting against this deadly virus. He stated in his caption that “मने तो लगवा लिया करोना का टिका अब आप भी लगवा लो..” So if you want this virus to just vanish away and bring back the old times then please vaccinate yourself like your favourite MD Desi Rockstar did.

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