Homesick Vibe with MD Desi Rockstar’s “PRADESH” is out now Under the label Photofit Music.

MD Desi Rockstar PRADESH

Photofit Music Company relesed track “PRADESH” by MD Desi Rockstar. MD Desi Rockstar is a great singer in the Haryana Music Industry. He has given many popular songs such as Jai Baba Ki, Shart, and many more. His songs express real emotions and unique picturisation.

A few days back he released his new song “PARDES”. With this song, he will again create a ruckus in the Haryana music industry. The public was eagerly waiting for his song. MD always come with great projects. His songs are always popular. This song will be more popular among teenagers due to its lyrics.


This song is about the fake world. The song is a true depiction of the mean and fake world where everyone is running after money. Nothing matters more than money, feelings. Nowadays all relationships are controlled by money. But no one loves you just like your mother

This song is getting immense love from the public after its release. But this song deserves a more positive response. We request everyone support the talented artist.

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