Md desi rockstar uploads, an appreciation post for his sister Sanjana Jon!

MD Desi rockstar never leaves a chance to explain to his fans that what’s happening in his life.

For that matter of fact, the singer is very much active on his social media platforms. Anything happening in his life is known to his supporters without any kind of filter in it.

Recently, he posted a picture with his not so biological sister “Sanjana Jon”. In the caption, he started very heart touching lines. Sanjana has been vocal about her any of her relationships be it friendship or family-wise. The singer also attached a very emotional caption about the brother and sister relationship. To see the caption check out his post below.

Caption defined their bond which is just priceless and is precious to him. Both the bro-sis duo has been in the limelight these days. We hope that their bond becomes very strong over the coming years. One more thing which the public is eagerly awaiting for a project or music video in which both of them are dancing or acting.

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