Decision of Muslim Jat Panchayat, Rs 51 thousand fine on cow slaughter, the reward will be given for giving information

To stop cow slaughter, a panchayat of prominent people from 6 Muslim villages was organized in Shah Chokha village on Saturday. In which prominent people of Autha, Phalendi, Mundheta, Shah Chokha and Hinganpur participated, 31 member committee was formed to stop cow slaughter and social evils. The panchayat took many tough decisions regarding cow slaughter, whose resolution was passed. Where cow slaughterer will have to pay a fine of 51 thousand, the same person giving information about cow slaughter will be given a reward of 5100 rupees.

The people of the panchayat said that the decision will be strictly implemented and the brotherhood of Mewat will not be allowed to be broken at any cost in the name of cow slaughter. Chaudhary Idris Falendi, Advocate Ghulam Nabi, Hakim Aas Mohammad says that it is forbidden in Islam religion to do such work which hurts the sentiments of a person of another religion hurts him.

They say that the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood of Mewat will not be allowed to deteriorate due to the people of the Gau Rakshak Dal or the people who kill the cow. He said that the decisions taken by the Panchayat today will be strictly implemented. He said that a monetary fine of Rs 51,000 has been imposed on those who kill the cow, while the person giving information about it will be given Rs 5100 as a reward. The people present raised their hands and supported the decision of the panchayat against cow slaughter in the panchayat.

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