“Nakli Pyaar” crossed the milestone of 100K Views.

A few days back, “Nakli Pyar” song was released by Veeru Dhillon. This song is getting immense love from public after its release. And after 2 weeks of its release, This song has crossed 100K views.

Let’s talk a little about the song

This song contains an incomplete love story that is in trending among society. Nowadays every relationship is becoming mean and fake. Due to this, the trust of people is getting vanished from the relationships. This is not a good sign for our society.

In the midst of all this, people have made love as a joke of the day, everyone is in a hurry to ditch each other. And we do not even know how much our partner is hurt by our actions and decisions.

This song has shown the same concept of Fake love or fake relationships. By name and poster of the song everyone was curious to know the whole story of the song and were eagerly waiting for the release of the song.


This is shown by the positive response of the public after its release. This song is a real picturisation and truth of society. Reality is well expressed in the lyrics of this song.

This song is sung and penned by Veeru Dhillon. Music is given by GR Music. Female artist in this song is Somya Sharma. The whole team tried their best in this song. If you haven’t watched this song till now then you are missing something really amazing.

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