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    Pakistani Actress Nausheen Wants To SLAP Kangana Ranaut: ‘Focus On Your Ex-Boyfriends & Controversies’

    Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah has taken a bold stand against Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut’s recent derogatory comments about Pakistan. Shah, known for her outspoken nature, did not mince words as she criticized Kangana for making uninformed and hurtful remarks, even expressing a desire to meet her in person to “give her two slaps.”

    Kangana’s Controversial Remarks

    The controversy began when Kangana Ranaut, in an interview, made offensive comments about Pakistan, sparking outrage on both sides of the border.

    Nausheen Shah’s Disapproval

    Nausheen Shah, a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, used a chat show appearance to voice her disappointment with Kangana’s remarks. She stated, “Kangana’s comments about Pakistan reveal her lack of knowledge about our country. Despite her limited understanding, she chooses to make sweeping and disrespectful statements.”

    A Call for Responsibility

    Shah emphasized the importance of individuals with significant platforms like Kangana’s to be informed and responsible when discussing sensitive geopolitical issues. She expressed her desire to meet Kangana in person, not out of anger but to make her realize the consequences of her words.

    Focus on Acting, Not Controversies

    Shah also criticized Kangana for her alleged lack of respect within the industry. She suggested that Kangana should prioritize her acting career, controversies, and personal life instead of making offensive comments about Pakistan.

    Social Media Reaction

    The chat show discussion quickly gained traction on social media, with many expressing support for Nausheen Shah’s stance on the issue. The incident highlights the responsibilities that come with celebrity status, especially when discussing sensitive topics like international relations.

    Awaiting Kangana’s Response

    As of now, Kangana Ranaut has not responded to Nausheen Shah’s comments. This incident underscores the need for responsible discourse and mutual respect between nations, even in the context of celebrity statements.

    A Broader Conversation

    The public feud between the two actresses has triggered a wider conversation about the impact of celebrity statements on international relations. It remains to be seen whether this controversy will lead to constructive dialogue or further division between the two countries.


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