Why Not Promote Nuh Winter Tourism Project In Haryana?

Nuh city Tourism
PMN Hospitality Program is a program designed to promote tourism in rural Haryana by Parveen Phougat

PMN Hospitality Program in Haryana is an innovative program that seeks to promote tourism in the rural areas of the state. It offers an opportunity for tourists to experience the local hospitality and culture of the region, as well as to explore the natural beauty of the countryside.

PMN program also provides training to local hosts who are able to offer an authentic experience to tourists. Promoting the Deshwali Hospitality Program will help increase the number of tourists to the region and bring much-needed economic and social benefits to the local communities.

Haryana is renowned for its culture and hospitality, and many communities have been a part of this culture since time immemorial. The Jat Hospitality Program in Haryana is an initiative to promote traditional Jats values and services to tourists.
by Parveen Phougat

The program aims to provide a unique and memorable experience to visitors by offering services such as traditional cuisine, local tours, cultural activities, and accommodations. By promoting the new Haryana the program seeks to ensure that the local customs and traditions of the community are respected and honored.

It is also a great way to contribute to the local economy and tourism industry in Haryana. The Deshwali Hospitality Program not only provides an incredible experience to tourists but also helps to preserve the culture and lifestyle of the Jat community.

The Program was launched by the PMN India in association with Royal Adventure Camps &

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