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    OYO’s 2023 Rules: Ensuring Safe Stays for Unmarried Couples

    In recent discussions, OYO hotels have become a hot topic, especially when it comes to couples seeking a comfortable stay. OYO, a popular choice for travelers, has implemented new rules in 2023, specifically targeting unmarried couples. If you plan to take your girlfriend to an OYO hotel, it’s crucial to be aware of these recent changes to avoid any inconvenience.

    Securing Your OYO Reservation:
    Before booking an OYO hotel with your partner, it’s essential to consider safety and security. In the quest for budget-friendly accommodations, some may overlook the importance of safety. Here’s how you can ensure a safe stay:

    1. Choose the “OYO Welcome Couples” Option:
      To make reservations for unmarried couples, select the “OYO Welcome Couples” filter when searching for hotels in any city. If you are using the OYO app, you can also enable the “Relationship Mode” to ensure a hassle-free experience without legal complications.
    2. Complain and Contact:
      If you encounter any issues or have concerns during your stay, OYO provides customer support through a helpline at 9313931393 or via email at

    Legal Perspective:

    While it is now entirely legal for couples to stay in hotels, it’s important to understand this from a legal standpoint. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees the protection of two fundamental rights: (A) the right to life and (B) the right to personal liberty. This feature simplifies the process of booking rooms.

    Is it Safe to Take Your Girlfriend to an OYO Hotel?

    Article 21 ensures the protection of these rights for individuals. This development aims to make room reservations in OYO hotels an easy and straightforward process. Do you wish to spend time with your partner? Do you want to avoid any hassles when booking a room at OYO? These rules are in place to cater to those desires.

    In conclusion, OYO hotels have introduced new rules in 2023 to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for unmarried couples. By understanding these guidelines and making appropriate choices, couples can enjoy their time without any legal concerns. OYO’s commitment to customer satisfaction remains at the forefront, providing peace of mind for all travelers.


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