Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    Paris Jackson Takes on Trolls, Proudly Embraces Her Natural Self

    Paris Jackson, the 25-year-old singer and daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, isn’t one to shy away from standing up to online trolls. Recently, she took to Instagram to address negative comments about her age and appearance.

    In a post shared on September 29, 2023, Paris shared a makeup-free selfie accompanied by a strong message. She wrote, “This is no filter, no makeup, and regular lighting for the people that wrote really s* comments about how old and haggard I look in my last video. I am literally 25. Just young and haggard, thank you very much.”

    This isn’t the first time Paris has tackled internet criticism head-on. Just last month, she defended her choice to proudly display her armpit hair in an Instagram video tribute to her late father, Michael Jackson, on what would have been his 65th birthday. In response to those who ridiculed her for it, Paris expressed, “I’ve not shaved it for years and forget it’s there all the time. Get over yourselves.”

    Furthermore, Paris used her platform to encourage fans to honor her father’s memory in a meaningful way. She suggested that instead of celebrating his birthday, fans could engage in activities he was passionate about, such as climate change awareness and animal rights activism.

    In the face of negativity, Paris Jackson continues to stand up for herself and advocate for causes close to her heart, following in the footsteps of her iconic father.

    In Summary:

    • Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, addressed online trolls who criticized her appearance and age on Instagram.
    • She posted a makeup-free selfie and reminded her followers that she is only 25 years old.
    • Paris has previously defended her choice to display her armpit hair and encouraged fans to engage in activities her father cared about, like climate change awareness and animal rights activism.

    Paris Jackson remains a strong advocate for self-expression and meaningful causes, maintaining the spirit of her legendary father.


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