Monday, December 11, 2023

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    Peddler Media Network introduces you to their another service in OlD Manali which is “Peddler Ads”.

    On Peddler Ads, PMN helps their clients to spread their brand stories. Through communication & other outreach efforts.
    By connecting with Peddler Ads, PMN can assure you that your business would flourish through digital marketing. Nowadays people are fully engaged in online activities reason being the “ convenience “. Therefore you can grow & expand your business through online ads & digital marketing.

    Some of the digital media where you can sell are :

    1. The first and the foremost thing which comes to your mind when it, when we think about selling on social media platforms, is “Google”. Google is the best thing where we can sell through ads and generate your sales.

    2. Facebook for selling your articles on Facebook all you need is a business account & personal account on Facebook where you have to present your articles and get this going. By collaborating with peddler AD you can easily sell more on Facebook as we know the algorithm and the analytics of this application.

    3. Instagram: The next app which comes to our mind is Instagram. Instagram is one of the most wildly used apps in the world. It is the app that helps people to generate more income by selling goods online through this app and conducting advertisements via agencies like peddler ads.

    4. Disney + Hotstar
    Nowadays people are more engaging themselves in watching the shows on their mobile phones through apps like Disney Hotstar, zee five, all to Balaji, Netflix et cetera. People have mastered the art that the best way to promote their goods and services is by establishing and publishing the ads on these web series app. Peddler Media gives you a chance to you for advertising your Business on these apps.

    5. YouTube: YouTube is the number one app that is used in India. Most of the public in the country uses this app frequently. Therefore peddler media provide you to publish your goods and services advertisements on this app, which will help you to generate more revenue and will spread the knowledge about your brand to a wide range of audiences.

    6. Jio saavn: jio Saavn is an app on which we can hear music whenever we want. They have a unique feature of releasing or advertising the ad in between the music through this the audience attention is gathered carefully. It makes the brand more visible and approachable to the public.

    7. Inshorts: in shorts is an app where news related to anything is posted. We can increase our sales by advertising our products through insurance because most of the public are engaged in reading things through in short.


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