Peddler Haryanvi Music Chart May 2021

Youtube is flooding with Haryanvi Songs. Gulzaar Channiwala, Miki Malang, Masoom Sharma, and the list goes on. Here are the top 10 Haryanvi Songs released in May 2021 that are blooming the Haryanvi Music Industry

Here Peddler Media Music Chart

  1. Gulzaar Channiwala premiered his song Kaala Chela on youtube under the label White Hill Dhaakad. On 7 May, it was released, and currently, it has over 11 million views being the most viewed among the Haryanvi Songs released in the month of May.  An interesting fact about this song is, Gulzaar himself penned down the lyrics and gave music to this song.

  2. Released on May 8, Diler Kharkiya’s song Moj Darling has been viewed by more than 7 million views. It was directed by Deepesh Goyal and produced by Sumeet Singh. It was released under the label SagaHits.

  3. Time Music Haryanvi presented its new song ‘Launda Sakth hai’ sung by Arvind Jangid featuring the lyricist Ajay Hooda. On May 12, it marked its place on youtube recents and today has 5.6 million views, 66K likes, and 6.4k dislikes.

  4. Hukkum ka Ikka and Deep Sisi presented its song Kanak by Amit Dhull on 3 May 2021. Starring Binder Danoda and Raveena Bishnoi hit 1.6 million views since its release.

  5.  Afeem Song has also been in the top viewed Haryanvi Songs of May. The singer of this song is Raj Mawar. Binder Danoda penned down the lyrics. Starring in the official video there is Sonali Phogat and Binder Danoda. This song is viewed by almost 1.3 million people, released on 12 May.

  6. Khoji’s recently premiered song ‘Khilladi’ featuring Sinwer, is next up on the list with approximately 839K views and still increasing. Desi Melbourniye is the official label under which it was premiered.

  7. Amit Dhull also stands on the list of Haryanvi artists that actively participate in the entertainment of the audience. He releases his song ‘Kanto’ on May 7 which was viewed by 793k people. Music Label is Sejal entertainment.

  8. Kaali Gadi released just recently on 15 May is already increasing its views daily. Currently, it has around 723k views, and 14K likes. The singers of this song are Aman Sheoran and Manisha Sharma. It was released under the label Hukkum ka Ikka.

  9. One of the songs released on May 12, Byaah by Pulkit Arora also seems to have been liked by many people. It has 427k views in just 7 days.

  10. Last but not least we have Gulzaar Channiwala’s Vibhishan song released on 18 May 2021, on his own channel. Its official lyrical video has got over 480k views in just 9 Hours. It is expected to see exponential growth in its reach. He gives VFX credits to Shiva Jangra.

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