Peddler’s favourite MIKI MALANG has announced his upcoming track in collaboration with Ron Likhari. To know the story behind this new track ‘LINE’ read the article below.

Miki Malang who is a great singer of the Haryanvi industry and a co-owner of Theth Desi records has revealed the first look of his upcoming song in partnership with Ron Likhari.

Yesterday, Miki Malang launched the poster of this song. The poster created a lot of eagerness among the people, especially among the youth. It’s really amazing how the audience created the first look of this song. We can clearly imagine how hot this song will be! The song will be out on the desi records label on the 10th of July.

Whenever Miki Malang comes with his new song, he always comes with a bang. The audience has full faith in her talent for singing. Moreover, the collaboration with Ron Likhari is just amazing. The song will be released on 10TH JULY,2021. The lyrics are written by the one and only Ron Likhari. All the song by them has always been a great success and is praised by the public. Miki Malang has always been famous in the news. His last controversy was with RP Singh. To read that go on Pedder Media.


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