Will an Indian born Muslim be Prime Minister or President of India ever again? Filmmaker Pritish Nandy asked questions and got such answers | See Inside

people troling Pritish Nandy's tweet

The country is going to get a new President and Vice President soon. Meanwhile, questions are also being raised about the participation of Muslims in the central government. Filmmaker Pritish Nandy has tweeted and asked the question of whether Indian Muslim will ever become Prime Minister or President? Many people are giving their reactions to this.

Pritish Nandy tweeted and wrote ‘A woman of Indian origin is the Vice President of America. An Indian-origin person is going to be the Prime Minister of Britain. But will a Muslim of Indian origin ever again become the Prime Minister or President of India? Can you make 1 out of every 7 Indians ineligible for a high political office?’

People’s reactions: Rishi Bagri wrote that ‘Indian Muslim is more likely to become PM than Hindu Pakistani or Hindu Bangladeshi.’ A user named Harsh Gupta wrote that ‘100% if he is Abdul Kalam and if he is Hamid Ansari is then never. England and America are choosing patriots. Your question seems more in sympathy for Sonia Gandhi.’

One user wrote that ‘An Indian-origin Muslim can become Prime Minister or President any day if he puts the nation before religion. Some people even refuse to stand for the national anthem, what do you have to say for this?’ Shashank Shekhar Jha wrote that ‘US and UK do not have specific ministries and special privileges for religious minorities. Talk about it too.’


A user named Pallavi wrote that ‘Didn’t BJP make APJ Abdul Kalamji the President of India? Was being a Muslim his only qualification? Which Muslim PM has India got so far? Why did Congressmen not make Ahmed Patel the PM? Why look at everyone through the prism of religious identity politics rather than merit?’

Let us tell you that when people started surrounding Pritish Nandy’s tweet on social media, he wrote another tweet that ‘I was asking a simple question. By trolling me you are bypassing the real issue. Does merit play a role in such appointments or will we continue to succumb to considerations of caste, gender, faith and regional identity?’

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