‘Playing with Muslim name’, Now Urfi Javed on Sunil Pal’s target

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed stayed in Bigg Boss OTT for only a week but got tremendous popularity from the show. She always grabs headlines with her style. Although sometimes she is trolled on social media and sometimes celebrities are seen targeting her. Recently, a woman said that a fatwa should be issued against Urfi’s clothes and semi-nude look.

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Sunil Pal posted a video saying that Urfi needs to be explained. Urfi has lost his mind and she is maligning a Muslim name. I would like to thank the woman who filed the FIR against Urfi. I have been watching Urfi for a long time. I think she just wanted something to happen that would keep her in the news. Even if it’s illegal. Named Urfi Javed. I don’t like the way she is playing with our holy Muslim name.


Work hard son. do your work. learn. By performing this body, you will get success for two to four days but you will not get the peak. I think she wanted to talk about it. This is the reason why she used to go from place to place wearing fewer clothes. Fewer clothes Do she wear negligible clothes? You have to be nude to be in the news. It has come with a very wrong intention. Whatever the circumstances, you can work hard.

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