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    Pushkar Mela 2024 :- Sponsorship Partner Program

    At Peddler Media, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences and forging powerful connections between brands and audiences. With an extensive network of over 250 distribution partners worldwide, spanning TV, OTT, digital, and film platforms, we offer unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and exposure.

    Pushkar Camel Fair 2024: Culture and Tradition

    Join us as we dive into the vibrant tapestry of the Pushkar Camel Fair, a beloved tradition held annually in the charming town of Pushkar. This seven-day extravaganza, set against the backdrop of Kartik Purnima in November, captivates thousands of visitors from across the globe.

    Immerse yourself in a celebration of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage and the nomadic spirit of its tribal communities. From lively camel and horse races to mesmerizing cultural performances, enchanting exhibitions, and even contests like the longest moustache competition, the Pushkar Camel Fair offers an unrivalled spectacle for all.

    Forge Lasting Partnerships with Peddler Media

    At Peddler Media, we believe in the power of collaboration to create truly impactful experiences. Our partnership pillars encompass a range of opportunities tailored to your brand’s unique objectives:

    • Content Production (Co-Marketing): Collaborate with us to produce premium content that resonates with our diverse audience, amplifying your brand’s message through engaging storytelling.
    • PMN India Event Partnerships (Co-Production): Partner with us on exclusive events like the Pushkar Camel Fair, leveraging our expertise to co-produce unforgettable experiences that showcase your brand to a global audience.
    • Global & Local Communication (Co-Programming): Seamlessly integrate your brand into our communication strategies, ensuring authentic engagement with our audience across local and global platforms.
    • Media Activation (Digital Linear): Maximize your brand’s visibility through our digital and linear media channels, reaching millions of viewers worldwide with targeted marketing initiatives.

    Amplify Your Brand with Peddler Media

    Elevate your brand’s presence with Peddler Media’s holistic marketing initiatives, designed to drive deeper connections and engagement with our audience. From social media activations to full media ecosystem integration, we offer comprehensive solutions that amplify your brand’s message and foster meaningful connections with consumers.

    Join Us at the Pushkar Camel Fair 2024

    We invite you to join us at the Pushkar Camel Fair 2024 as our esteemed partner, reaching an audience of over 10 lakh attendees and showcasing your brand to a diverse global audience. Together, let’s create unforgettable experiences and forge lasting connections that resonate with audiences around the world.

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    Ready to elevate your brand with Peddler Media? Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and unlock the full potential of your brand’s story on a global stage. Let’s embark on a journey of collaboration and creativity that leaves a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


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