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    Pranjal Dahiya’s Birthday Special: Top 10 Music Videos to Celebrate

    Pranjal Dahiya, the charismatic Haryanvi model and actress, has carved a special place in the hearts of millions of fans with her captivating presence in the music industry. Known for her stellar performances in several popular music videos, Pranjal has garnered tremendous love and admiration from her audience.

    Pranjal’s journey in the entertainment world has been nothing short of remarkable. Some of her most iconic works include “52 GAJ KA DAMAN,” “Gypsy,” “Kabootar,” and many more, each accumulating millions of views on YouTube. Her infectious energy and magnetic charm have undoubtedly contributed to her immense popularity.

    As we celebrate Pranjal Dahiya’s birthday today, we at Peddler Media have prepared a special gift for her fans. We’ve curated a list of Pranjal Dahiya‘s top 10 music videos based on YouTube views, showcasing her incredible talent and the massive support she receives from her fans:

    Pranjal Dahiya’s Top 10 Music Videos

    1. Energetic Performances in “52 GAJ KA DAMAN”

    This song skyrocketed Pranjal Dahiya to fame with its energetic performance and catchy music. The video has garnered over 1.6 billion views on YouTube.

    2. Unique Style in “Gypsy”

    “Gypsy” is another blockbuster hit where Pranjal impressed everyone with her unique style and attitude. The vibrant visuals and groovy music captured the audience’s hearts with Hit hook ‘Mera Balam Thanedar’

    3. Captivating Dance Moves in “Kabootar”

    “Kabootar” is a popular track featuring Pranjal Dahiya’s captivating acting and dance moves. The video has accumulated over 368 million views on YouTube.

    4. Strong Character Portrayal in “UNCHI HAVELI”

    In “UNCHI HAVELI,” Pranjal Dahiya portrayed a strong character, complemented by the peppy beat and captivating storyline.

    5. Impactful Storyline in “Bhagatt Aadmi Tha”

    Pranjal Dahiya delivered an impactful performance in “Bhagatt Aadmi Tha” with an intriguing storyline, resulting in the video amassing over 181 million views.

    6. Party Anthem “Nachungi DJ Floor Pe”

    In this party anthem, Pranjal rocked the dance floor with her energetic moves, making everyone groove along. The video has crossed 157 million views on YouTube.

    7. Peppy Vibes in “Laada Ka Lada”

    “Laada Ka Lada” showcased Pranjal Dahiya’s unique style and attitude, paired with colourful visuals that captivated the audience. The video has surpassed 143 million views on YouTube.

    8. Dynamic Persona in “Tokk

    “Tokk” became a hit with Pranjal’s dynamic persona stealing hearts. The video has amassed over 132 million views on YouTube.

    9. Romantic Aura in “Heart Beat”

    In “Heart Beat,” Pranjal created a romantic aura with her graceful performance and soulful music, touching hearts across the globe. The video has also garnered over 132 million views on YouTube.

    10. Charismatic Presence in “KOKA” with Mankirt Aulakh

    Collaborating with Punjabi superstar Mankirt Aulakh, Pranjal Dahiya shines in “KOKA” with her charismatic presence. This song has garnered 128 million views on YouTube.

    Pranjal Dahiya’s success is a testament to the unwavering support of her fans. We extend our warmest wishes to Pranjal on her birthday and express our gratitude for the joy she brings to her followers through her work.

    To all the fans of Pranjal Dahiya, let’s continue to spread happiness and celebrate her achievements. Don’t forget to share this article and show your love for Pranjal!

    At Peddler Media, we’re dedicated to showcasing the talents of Haryanvi artists like Pranjal Dahiya. Join us in supporting and promoting the vibrant Haryanvi music and entertainment scene.


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