Hey Ashley Graham, Punjabi Singer Navaan Sandhu Has A Song Dedicated To You!

We all heard Diljit Dosanjh express his love for Kylie Jenner on National television and even through his songs. Recently, the Punjabi singer-lyricist Navaan Sandhu released a song titled ‘C Walk’ which mentions none other than the American model Ashley Graham!

Sandhu who is known for his songs like ‘Black Life’, ‘2 Asle’, ‘Radio’, ‘Riyasat’, ‘Takeover’, and ‘Hanji Hanji’, released the official video of his song ‘C Walk’ on March 25, 2022 while the song officially hit the floors on 5th of March. 

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Coming back to the topic of discussion, the lyrics of the songs go as such:

“Ni Tu Ashley Graham Wangu Double Billo

Ni Main Hoya Peya Fan Teri Thickness Da

Aayi Jaande Aa Zubaan Utte Bubble Billo”

The song is written and sung by Navaan Sandhu himself and follows an upbeat, hip hop tune throughout. Additionally, the song was well received by the fans who loved it and many even said that  “this man is totally different from others” in the comments! 

Listen to the full song here:

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