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Ragasthan Music Festivals In India That Every Music Enthusiast Must Attend!

Music has the power to heal the soul and pull distant hearts together. Listening to music on a phone or on television is a way to relax for many people. However, only a real music fan would understand the bliss of listening to music in a live concert.

Music festivals are organised in various parts of India where singers and musicians from across the globe, showcase their talent. For travellers and music lovers, this proves as a golden opportunity as they get to explore new places along with enjoying the diverse mix of music. 

Ragasthan Music Festivals, Jaisalmer


Set in the dunes of Jaisalmer, it is a three-day musical gala that renders an exhilarating experience of camping in the mighty Thar Desert under the sky lit by stars and digging in authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The festival promotes eco-friendly tourism and encourages the preservation of Rajasthani culture.

Organizers do not reveal the line-up of performances as they want to draw the audience on the sheer quality of performances and not the big names. The festival promises performances filled with aural and visual excellence. 

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