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Raju Punjabi and Vijay Varma’s song created buzz on social media, got more than 70 crore views

The Haryanvi music industry is becoming popular in every household these days. The hum of these songs is heard at weddings and many other functions. Not only in Haryana but also in many other states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this song is heard. There are many songs from the Haryanvi music industry that compete with Bollywood songs in terms of views.

One of these songs is sandal by the beautiful actresses of the Haryanvi music industry, Anjali Raghav and Vijay Varma, this song has more than 730 million views, not one or two million. Let us tell you that this song was released in 2016. This song is sung by Raju Punjabi

while its director is Vijay Varma himself.

The popularity of Haryanvi songs is increasing so much that now TV artists also share their videos on social media accounts while dancing on these songs. People are now taking interest in regional songs. People like to listen to many more regional songs including earlier Punjabi and Rajasthani songs.

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