Ramkesh Jeewanpuria’s song (SYL) canal has been removed by YouTube | Alleged content piracy

Ramkesh Jeewanpuria

Ramkesh Jeevanpuria’s SYL song may also be banned after Sidhu Musewala’s SYL song was removed from YouTube. A legal notice has been sent to Ramkesh for stealing the content in the song SYL. Haryana-based journalist Rudra Rajesh Singh Kundu has sent this notice through his advocate Vikram Singh Mittal. Along with this, demand has also been made to pay damages of one crore rupees.

Rudra Rajesh Kundu said that during the farmers’ movement, in December 2020, when we were talking to the farmers along with our team, an elderly farmer met us at the Tikri border. This farmer became very emotional while talking, the video of which later became very viral. The farmer while talking to us said that Punjab is his elder brother and he is heartbroken that the elder brother is chilling here under the open sky on the cold winter nights.

An excerpt from the same video uploaded on our web channel has been cut and used without any permission in a song called SYL. Along with this, the original feelings of the elderly talking in the video have also been changed and filmed quite the opposite. For today we have sent a legal notice to him through our lawyer Advocate Vikram Mittal.


Rajesh Kundu’s lawyer Vikram Mittal said that my client Rudra Rajesh Singh Kundu is a well-known journalist from Haryana and during the farmers’ movement, one of his videos was secretly used by an artist named Ramkesh Jeevanpur in his song named SYL.

Using any audio, video, picture, etc. content for your own purposes without any written permission is considered a violation of the Indian Copyright Act. Regarding this, today we have sent a legal notice to Ramkesh Jeevanpur on the basis of our client Rajesh Kundu.

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