Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor Opens Up About His Role in Damini: “Sunny Deol Walked Away with the Accolades”

Rishi Kapoor was a well-known actor in Bollywood who starred in many hit films and won numerous awards. In one of his movies called Damini, he played the role of a supportive husband. However, it was Sunny Deol who got all the attention and praise for his performance. Although Sunny had a smaller role, his strong dialogue made a big impact and overshadowed Rishi’s character.

In his book Khullam Khulla, Rishi Kapoor revealed that he was originally supposed to be the hero of the film, while Sunny Deol had a guest appearance. But as the story evolved, their roles were combined and Sunny’s character became more prominent. Rishi acknowledged that Sunny was a more popular actor than him at that time, so it made sense for him to get more attention. However, he felt that Sunny’s character was more straightforward and easier for the audience to relate to, while his own character was more complex and challenging to portray.

Despite feeling overshadowed by Sunny Deol, Rishi Kapoor still believed that he had done a good job in Damini. He said that it was difficult to underplay a character and still stand out, and that perhaps Sunny was better suited to his role than he was. Nevertheless, Rishi was proud of his performance and felt that his character was more nuanced and layered than Sunny’s.

Rishi Kapoor was a talented actor who gave his all to every role he played. Although he may have felt overshadowed by Sunny Deol in Damini, he still recognized the strengths and challenges of his own character. His insights into the film industry and the art of acting continue to inspire and inform audiences today.

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