When Payal wanted to commit suicide due to a bad relationship, used to drink for 48 hours

Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock-Up is moving towards its finale. Payal Rohatgi and Saisha Shinde got a chance to be saved by revealing their secrets on the Last Judgment Day of the show. During this, Saisha Shinde revealed a special secret of her life, hearing that everyone’s senses were blown away.

After Saisha, Payal Rohatgi also reveals her shocking secret. Payal says that after a bad relationship, she started thinking of committing suicide. Payal said – There was a love angle, which had become very harmful in my life. I started drinking too much. I used to drink for 48 hours. I used to live on prescription drugs. I had become suicidal. I even tried to cut my hand.

Payal told how she felt at that time. Payal said- I am having a nervous breakdown. I don’t want to die. Everyone was stunned to hear the secrets of Payal and Saisha. Poonam Pandey’s eyes become moist after hearing Payal’s secret.

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Saisha reveals her dark secret

In the new promo video of the show, you can see Saisha revealing her secret and saying – This is a secret which I have never brought out. Saisha further says- One is my favourite Indian designer, when I met him, I was very attracted to him. He invited me to his hotel room. I hugged them. He did this with at least 7 or 8 boys.

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