When Payal wanted to commit suicide due to a bad relationship, used to drink for 48 hours

Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock-Up is moving towards its finale. Payal Rohatgi and Saisha Shinde got a chance to be saved by revealing their secrets on the Last Judgment Day of the show. During this, Saisha Shinde revealed a special secret of her life, hearing that everyone’s senses were blown away.

After Saisha, Payal Rohatgi also reveals her shocking secret. Payal says that after a bad relationship, she started thinking of committing suicide. Payal said – There was a love angle, which had become very harmful in my life. I started drinking too much. I used to drink for 48 hours. I used to live on prescription drugs. I had become suicidal. I even tried to cut my hand.

Payal told how she felt at that time. Payal said- I am having a nervous breakdown. I don’t want to die. Everyone was stunned to hear the secrets of Payal and Saisha. Poonam Pandey’s eyes become moist after hearing Payal’s secret.


Saisha reveals her dark secret

In the new promo video of the show, you can see Saisha revealing her secret and saying – This is a secret which I have never brought out. Saisha further says- One is my favourite Indian designer, when I met him, I was very attracted to him. He invited me to his hotel room. I hugged them. He did this with at least 7 or 8 boys.

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