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Salman Khan arrives in Chandigarh for the promotion of the film Antim

Salman Khan arrives in Chandigarh

Actor Salman Khan plays the character of a cop, who is a Sardar, in the film, which was released in theatres on November 26. Salman Khan reached the city on Tuesday in connection with the promotion of this film. He addressed fans here at Elante Mall. He shared his experiences related to the film with the fans.

Salman Khan said that he first had trouble in tying the turban, in four to five days he learned to tie the turban. When it came to wearing the turban, it was difficult to respect him after that. Salman told that in one scene in the film, I had to cover the body of a dead girl by taking off my turban. At that time it was difficult for me to take off the turban and cover one’s body with respect, as I had to do two things simultaneously in the film. First I had to save the honour of a girl and secondly, I had to save the honour of the turban as well. It took me a long time to do that.


In the film, Salman is in the role of Hero and Aayush Sharma is in the role of Villain. Salman told that whenever nephew Ahil sees Aayush and our shot, he finds it difficult to explain. Ahil says Mamu is killing Papa. To explain that thing, he had to take him to the set of the film, which is a bit challenging.

Salman told that his film is influenced by a Marathi film. To give it the best local touch, various places in Chandigarh and Punjab were chosen, but due to the Corona epidemic, they could not do so. In such a situation, the entire shooting took place in Pune. Salman said that it is necessary to give a local touch to Punjabi films, but he could not do so. Despite this, he has tried his best to make the film extremely entertaining.

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