Screening of Punjabi movie shooter banned in Haryana with immediate effect

Rohtak District Collector Captain Manoj Kumar has said that the Haryana Governor has suspended the exhibition and screening of ‘Shooter’ Punjabi movie produced by Ranjit Singh and directed by Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh with immediate effect. Till further orders and during such suspension the film shall be treated as an uncertified film in Haryana. Captain Manoj Kumar said that the above orders were issued under sub-section 1 of section 6 of the Punjab Cinema Regulation Act, 1952. He said that as per the above orders, the screening of this film in the district has been banned and suspended.

This order will remain in force with immediate effect till further orders. He has directed all concerned for strict compliance with the above order in their jurisdiction. He said the film would be treated as uncertified in the state during the suspension.

According to the order issued by the District Collector, Captain Manoj Kumar, the order related to the screening and screening of Punjabi Movie Shooter in the district, the manager of Bangar Cineplex located at Hisar Road, the manager of Inox Leisure Limited, Sector 3, the manager of Jai Maruti Developers and Liberty, located at Delhi Road. The manager of the theatre will ensure the cradle.

District Collector Capt Manoj Kumar said that the Home Department while sharing information in this regard, said that the violent content and depiction of the dark world of crime in the film is expected to have harmful and negative effects on school and college-going students.

Because they are vulnerable to being influenced by the glorification and depiction of crime and violence. He said that screening of movies can promote gangster/gun culture and thus, will negatively affect the dominant minds of adolescents and youth.

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