Shahana Goswami: Used to feel a presence in my house

Shahana Goswami says the theme of ‘The Last Hour’ resonated with her, given her belief in the supernatural

Shahana Goswami

From the power suits of Bombay Begums to the small-town cop act of The Last Hour is quite a leap for Shahana Goswami. She welcomes the change, only too happy to add a supernatural thriller to her repertoire. Asked if she was sold on the premise of the Amazon Prime Video offering — which revolves around a shaman who can talk to the dead and relive their last hour — at the first narration, the actor says the material resonated deeply with her.

“I believe in the supernatural. I have not only read such stories, but I used to feel a presence in one of my houses. I was so comfortable with her that I named her,” says Goswami, adding that her belief in the other realm has strengthened with time. “This show is interesting to me because it’s not a make-believe world, but is based on existing beliefs and traditions.”


Sanjay Kapoor and Shahana Goswami play cops investigating a murder


The crime thriller sees her as a cop, alongside Sanjay Kapoor, as they investigate the murder of a small-time actor. Excited to don the khaki uniform for the Amit Kumar-directed series, Goswami says, “In the northeast [where the show is set], cops have a different uniform, comprising cargo pants and boots. It was a cool look. I have been a sporty person. So, it was easy to adopt the [athletic] body language.”

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