Shalu Chaudhary’s flirtatious style made people crazy in Sonepat

Haryanvi dancer Shalu Chaudhary’s killer performances are amazing. Here is a dance video of Shalu Chaudhary on Haryanvi song Theke Aali Gali.

In the video, Shalu Chaudhary is wearing a red suit and is setting the atmosphere on fire with her scintillating dances. Shalu also made such gestures in the middle that the crowd started mourning and it started raining notes on the dancers on the stage.


Shalu Chaudhary’s bubbly style made people crazy in Sonepat, Theke Aali Gali… The video has got millions of views so far. Watch the dance of Haryanvi Famous Dancer Shalu Chaudhary here.

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