You Think Sidhu Moosewala Can Sing Only Gun Songs? This List Will Change Your Mind

Sidhu Moosewala, ostensibly the undisputed lord of the Punjabi music industry, is prevalently known all throughout the planet among audience members of Punjabi music to sing a ton about firearms and savagery.

The greater part of his melodies are speaker blowers and can make blood surge up to your head. The position that Sidhu has acquired in this limited capacity to focus time, can without a doubt not be gotten simply by singing a type of tunes. Adaptability is one strength of Sidhu that is misjudged among the crowd. Sidhu Moosewala most likely sings probably the best firearm tunes, yet are these the solitary tunes he sings? Reconsider!

Here is the rundown Of 10 Songs that will adjust your perspective and make you question yourself if Sidhu sings just ‘weapon melodies’ :