Singer Deep Money As a surprise for all his fans and supporters who want to know what is it ? scroll below

Deep money has been the favourite of the audience for a very long time.

The song dope shope by Honey Singh and the money was the song that opens the doors of success for him. Deep Money‘s name is always on the lips of people because of his humble attitude and the extreme talent of singing.

Few hours ago the singer posted a picture on their Instagram account stating that there is a surprise for his fans and supporters. Can you guess what is the surprise?

Yes, you guessed it right it is the next song of him which is coming very soon with the actress Pranjal Dahiya. Pranjal Dahiya is a female actress in the Haryanvi industry who has been a part of many super hit songs. She has a huge fan following all over the world. As soon as the fans got to know about the surprise they became very excited.

The questions which pop up in our minds are that what kind of song will it be it will be a dance number? A romantic song or a sad song. Well to know this we have to wait for a little time till the song get released. Deep has always been surprising the audiences with his super hit songs and concerts.

This time again we are waiting for his song to release very soon so that we can groove on it and make it the next trending song across the world.

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