Singga unveils the first look of his next song titled “ Raund 2.0” which lead to a controversy in our mind why Punjabi artist promote Pakistan Map with POK?

In the current scenario farmers protest is still going, on 26th January some incident happened at the red fort where some Khalistani’s came and put their own flag on the place where India’s flag was supposed to be.

People went crazy over this situation and said that they disrespected our National flag. The government said that the Khalistan group is somewhat operated by the terrorists in Pakistan. They also added that all funding they get is from Pakistan or Canada. This really provoked everyone who supported Khalistan is. All the Punjabi singers who supported this group went against it as they said that the allegations were false.

Punjabi singer Singga releases the poster of his new song “raund 2.0” . The poster went viral all over the internet. but the question arises the that why the poster has a Pakistan map in it? this really confused all the audiences as well as the media. Another question which comes into our minds is that the song wheater this song related to the incident that took place on 26th January.

The major question is that why all the Punjabi artists are promoting Pakistan Map with POK?

Well, all the questions will be answered very soon on 28th June 2021 when the song ‘Raunde 2.0’ will release. Till then stay tuned and keep following Peddler Media.

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